Gaulter Residence

This breathtakingly beautiful 4,724 sq ft home has four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms, along with a 960 sq ft, three-car garage.  At over two stories tall, the timber frame construction is comprised of a SIPS panel wall roof system.  The fireplace carries up the living room wall to the ceiling, creating a rich feel. With cherry wood doors and cabinets, the kitchen lies beneath a series of massive beams which support an open space mezzanine. The woodwork and stone throughout is so impressive in appearance and posture, making this home a one-of-a kind.

  • Owner:  Gary and Debbie Gaulter
  • Architect:  Clydesdale Frames Company
  • Location:  Buena Vista, Colorado
  • Size:  5,684 Sq. Ft.
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