The Pre-Construction process is very important to the building and the designing of a house, school, or commercial building.  The Pre-Construction process helps us to minimize costs, and to thoroughly get to know the job. This helps us to prevent the unexpected happenings of construction. The largest components of the Pre-Construction stage are the conceptual estimation of costs, the budgeting and scheduling, and the master planning of your project to make everything run more smoothly and more safely.


Conceptual Estimating:

Estimation entails many facets of construction know-how, and knowledge of materials and venders.  With our historical data and firsthand experience we know the pricing of every piece of wood, every window, and every nail, which gives us total cost control, and allows us to get you the materials that you desire at the lowest possible price. We compile a large breakdown of every part of the construction process in to its most fundamental pieces. Our estimation process even includes factors based on the time of year of construction.  All of this allows for more accurate estimation, and therefore more accurate pricing, allowing us to offer better control to you.


Budgeting & Scheduling:

DSI does more than simply add up the building costs.  In addition to providing a detailed preliminary budget, we monitor and manage all expenses throughout the process to ensure quality and prevent budget overruns.  Because the vendors we work with have come to expect our eye for detail and know that we’ve been in business long enough to know how much things should cost, we get very competitive pricing the first time we ask. With budgeting comes the creation of a schedule.  Without a solid schedule to work by, construction costs can skyrocket and cost you much more than you intended.  That is why at DSI we always create a schedule, allowing you to know when things will get done and to keep the labor costs in check.


Master Planning:

As an owner, sometimes you just don’t know where to begin your project and you don’t have the sufficient staff to see your dream realized.  Master planning from DSI can be the perfect solution for your problems.  DSI provides comprehensive services including managing and coordinating design, procurement, and construction activities.  We have the capabilities to provide services across all stages of the project’s life-cycle, integrating all the required project activities. By striving to immerse ourselves into our clients’ organizations and sharing their visions for successful projects, DSI exceeds expectations.  Master planning includes project management, mobilization planning, monitoring and support of a comprehensive range of project functions, such as design safety, plus other important services to help make the job run more smoothly and safely.