Crestone Charter School


This brand new 14,463 square foot, two-story school will include an elevator, seven classrooms, a music room, multi purpose room, kitchen, administration area and mechanical room.  New data/phone technology systems, video communication, door access controls and security camera system will be included in this project.  CO-CHPS Verified Leader certification will be required.  The project was designed using state of the art mechanical systems that approach a net zero energy usage.  This was achieved with a 10 KW P.V. Array and a solar hot water heating system.

  • Owner: Crestone School District
  • Architect: Harry Teague Architects
  • Location: Crestone, Colorado
  • Size: 14,463 Sq. Ft.
  • Final Construction Cost: 3.8 Million
  • Project Completion: July 2012
  • Crestone Charter School