DSI is dedicated to ensuring that your roof meets both your and our high standards of excellence.

We are a trusted provider of roofing services in the Chaffee County area. Our team of roofing professionals is here to provide you with fantastic service and outstanding quality. Roofing may seem like a small part of a building, but it keeps your belongings dry and protected, and it adds to the overall aesthetics of the building.

Here at DSI, our goal is to exceed customer expectations on every roofing job we undertake, from new installations to extensive repair jobs. We pride ourselves on delivering superior products and services at rates that are more than competitive. We strive to offer every single customer with

-High-quality roofing materials
-A wide selection of roofing options
-Prompt, reliable service
-Convenient scheduling
-The most efficient turnaround possible

When you hire DSI for your upcoming roofing project, you’ll get quality coupled with peace of mind.

Our roofers are licensed and insured, and we set high standards for the contractors we hire.

We have years of experience installing all types of roofing, from tile and shingle roofing, to the very durable and long lasting Duro-Last roofing. We have seen it all, and can make sure that your building looks its best for years to come.